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The Effortless Way To Dress

Charlotte Robinson sells a unique selection of snap on underwear. Our mission is to provide an easy solution for any individual who has trouble dressing or is unable to bend down. No need to stress when you can dress the effortless way.

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America’s recent obsession with health is a blessing in disguise as it not only helps out the entire population to focus on their health but provides you with different options of food, drink and exercise that will help in the healing process. As people continue to be intrigued by the latest health trends I am here to share those trends with you and make sure you figure out a way to incorporate them into your own regime. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just enjoy being healthy – check out my blog here

The Story Behind Charlotte Robinson 

I, Charlotte Robinson started this company in order to provide fashionable clothing for individuals with any sort of challenge, and to share my story from a patients perspective. I was born with vascular tumors that damaged a good portion of my right tibia and because of this I have endured multiple operations to my leg over the short span of 19 years. After living with a Taylor Spatial Frame on my leg for 13 months, I discovered how hard it is to fit clothes over the frame. Going through this process inspired me to create my own clothes. One should not have to worry about the difficulty of clothes.  Snap on underwear makes putting on and taking off undies effortless. To read about the long  journey with my leg click here

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